We headed to the View from The Shard with Paula from The LDN Diaries to get the lowdown on her Christmas plans!



Is Christmas the most wonderful time of the year?


How come?

It’s a really nice time when everyone can get together; we can chill out a little bit and obviously all the presents! I like going skating, looking at things you can do, Christmas festivals, festive afternoon teas, coming to the shard etc!

It’s just such a fun time really, the Christmas parties. I love getting dressed up and I am very into glitter, so it’s good to dress up for festive times.


Do you add glitter to your face makeup?

Yeah I love to do a smoky eye with glitter on top and a red lip! Love to go full out when it’s the festive season!

What are you getting your parents this year?

I am getting my dad some new clothes or maybe like a voucher. My mum loves any beauty products so I will probably get her Liz Earl, Elemis and some nice skin care.


I love my boyfriends Nan, so I think we will get her some perfume or a cardigan or something – she is so cute, she’s like 92!



Older sister – she is obsessed with makeup like me so I will probably get her some makeup bits. She always comes to me for tips and advice/what’s new because of the blog (of course, what a cool sister to have!) I am definitely going to pick her up a few bits from MUA, I adore the Elysium Elements Palette, the Blaze Metallic Liquid LipstickContour Kit and Shimmer Powder Highlighter – she will love them!!

Best Friend?

Not sure, maybe something we can do together like an experience or maybe we can go shopping together and buy something. Something a little bit different – maybe a spa day….


What’s the best thing about Christmas?

The Dinner – roast turkey or chicken so basically the food! Pigs in blankets are my favourite! I have started eating them already! They have little pots of them in Eat with cranberry sauce and also Tesco have Pigs in Blanket crisps! 

What do you eat on Christmas Day?

We don’t really eat turkey so it will be roast chicken, yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes and of course… pigs in blankets. And then main desert will be  chocolate cake or we will eat loads of sweets! We like to start Christmas morning with Bucks Fizz – we did it when I was younger and it has just stuck!


Christmas Jumper… Give me one or leave it to the oldies?

Definitely Christmas jumper – the more garish the better, fluff, glitter, penguins the works! There are so many on offer now – I will probably wear one on Christmas day!

Presents before or after lunch?

Definitely before! We have our presents straight away! However, my sister takes her time, I would have opened all of mine and then it would be 2pm and she will still be going through! I just want to get in there!


Do you have any family traditions?

Not really, just I guess bucks fizz in the morning and then we watch Top of the Pops. Nothing really crazy!

Have you planned your Christmas Day makeup and outfit?

If we are going visiting family or something then I will definitely dress up but if we are just saying at home then I will just say in my joggers or something! If no one is there it’s fine!  It’s really fun trying all your new bits though! Especially the new makeup!


What is on your wish list this year?

Ooo I’m not sure… maybe new converse trainers, more beauty products and clothes – ooo I don’t know. I would love a Chloé handbag – that would be very nice – I hope Santa is listening! I kinda want surprises instead of giving a list! I think its more fun, especially with my boyfriend – I like to challenge him!! Last year I got a camera and lots of blogging bits which really helped me but I want some bits for me this year!

How long have you been blogging now?

3 years since I started the blog and then I started doing YouTube probably last year – I do a new one every Sunday now. So just trying to keep that up – YouTube is a whole other world! It’s probably taken me until now to find out what works and what doesn’t and what people want to watch! YouTube is definitely where it’s at, bloggers that are on YouTube have a lot bigger following and that’s why I wanted to start. I always wanted to be a TV presenter so it just feels natural!


Thank you so much LDN Diaries, we hope this has given you a lot of Christmas inspiration!