A step by step guide to creating a very creepy Cracked Halloween Doll look!



Step 1: Cover your whole face in light white foundation and powder. Though optional, the paleness helps to dramatise the rest of the features.


Step 2: Apply a vivid pink or red blush to the contours of your cheeks. The concentration of colour on one area of your cheeks emphasises the porcelain doll perfection that you’re striving for.


Step 3: Create doll eyes using a range of black,greys and red eyeshadows. For extra effect, use thick, black false eyelashes on your eyelid, and darken your brows.


Step 4:  Outline of the heart on the center of your lips. A blood red or bright pink is ideal. Fill in the outline with a darker shade to add a 3D effect. Every doll has the trademark tiny mouth and pristinely shaped lips so using liquid to matte lipstick is perfect.
Step 5: To create the cracked skin effect, apply a white base first and apply black liquid liner to create depth of cracked skin.

Step 6: Set and fix your Halloween makeup in place all evening long. Protects against heat, humidity, cold and windy conditions; whatever your Halloween Eve throws at you – your makeup will hold in place!