Skin Define Matte Perfect Foundation in Six Shades 


Designed for oily skin & packed with Vitamins A, E, and jojoba that moisturises the skin while providing precious antioxidants to your pores. As the name suggests, this matte foundation is free of any oils and is guaranteed to last all day. The formula stays on top of your skin without settling into fine lines and pores to create a full and even coverage! What I love about this foundation is that it can be worn day to night with no signs of wear, and is made for all skin types, but best for those with oily skin.


Karla’s Top Tip:

Once your Matte Perfect Foundation is applied, it’s important to finish it for long-lasting results. Unless you’re using a powder foundation or have dry skin, you should set your foundation with a translucent powder. The powder won’t add any more coverage, but will absorb excess oils and leave your face looking flawless.

Shade Ivory Flush


Shade Natural Beige


Shade Deep Fawn


Shade Beige

Natural Ivory

Shade Ivory

Skin Define Matte Perfect Primer


I was super excited to try out this new face primerafter all my primers make me very oily by the end of the day!

It’s been formulated for oil prone skin types to remove shine and even out your complexion. The immediate finish was super smooth (I went one day with just the primer on and my skin looked great) and it did a pretty good job of keeping my makeup on all day (again, a little bit of fading in the T-zone). It also kept me matte for the first three quarters of my day, which is unusual for me. This primer helps create a flawless looking base by hiding imperfections, disguising pores, acne scars, filling fine lines on your face and creating the perfect canvas for other makeup application such as blush, concealers, colour correctors, foundation and face powders.


Karla’s Top Tip:

This can be used as a magic eraser to tidy up eye shadow “fallout” underneath eyes. First sweep away any loose shadow with a powder brush and then pick up a dab of primer on your foundation brush and lightly sweep it under the eye to instantly restore perfection. The same applies to your eyeliner. If you’re flicks go wrong apply a small amount of primer to a cotton bud or concealer brush and erase mistakes to restore balance.


Skin Define Matte Perfect Loose Powder


A lightweight finishing Powder that helps soften the appearance of fine lines and pores. This silky pressed powder has a fresh matte finish formulated with vitamins A, E & jojoba, helping control oily skin.


If you love pore-minimising primers, you will definitely want to try Skin Define Matte Perfect Loose Powder. It’s probably the most matte face powder I have come across so it’s especially good for oily skin types, but it isn’t too drying for other skin types as well. IMG_9084

Karla’s Top Tip:

Powder should be primarily applied to the centre of the face; in the T-zone, on the outer corners of the nose, and to your chin and cheeks. Avoid going too far on the outer edges of the face as you still want the natural radiance of your skin to show through. Try applying a highlighting product at the edges instead; most people don’t get shiny around the perimeter of the face, anyway.

Pro-Base Eye Primer

A good primer should not just help your eye make up stay fresh and in place all day, it should cover any unevenness or pigmentation on your lids, and also help the colour of your eye make-up look clear and bright. This ticks all the boxes for me in its brand new formula. It gives me a flawless, smooth eye base instantly!


 Karla’s Top Tip:

By now, there’s a primer for everything, including the lips. But in a pinch, an eye primer will do the same thing! Make sure your lips are well moisturised and sweep on a tiny bit of Pro-Base Eye Primer before applying lip liner and lipstick to help prevent the colour from bleeding or smudging and to help prolong its wear.

Compact Travel Eyelash Curler



If you’re used to using more traditional, clamp curlers, these mini eyelash curlers may take a little while to get the hang of, but once you’ve mastered them you’ll find that they give a great curl that really does last with much less effort. It’s compact, light-weight, and with no bars to obstruct you on the ends, you can really get to those tiny hair at the inner corner of the eyes.


 Karla’s Top Tip:

Remember that the longer you hold for, the curlier your lashes will be! It’s a popular misconception that you should put mascara on first. Don’t! It’ll make your eyelashes clump and stick to the curler, which could lead to them being pulled out. Ouch!


F17 Retractable Kabuki Brush


This travel-friendly Retractable Kabuki Brush has super-soft rounded edges to allow for full coverage when applying and buffing MUA’S powders to help achieve a flawless finish.


The synthethic bristles are very densely packed but extremely soft so the brush feels almost sponge like on the skin. I personally prefer using this brush for setting powder, powder foundation & mineral foundations. This brush buffs on powder product extremely well and it leaves a very flawless and airbrushed look.

Karla’s Top Tip:

Take your Retractable Kabuki Brush and dip it into your powdered blush, and then swirl onto your face. The very nature of the kabuki brush takes away the severe lines that commonly appear with blush application.


Slant Tweezers


At a bargain price of £2.00 these new Slant Tweezers are easy to grip, and have a blade sharp enough for precision work. I find the slant tip can handle fine hairs and large patches just as well as application-specific tips like rounded or fine-point tweezers. They will serve you for almost all hair-removal. Since you can tilt the slanted edge, you can use the pointy tip for precision removal of fine hairs, or your can grab multiple hairs by angling the slant so that it’s parallel to your skin.

Karla’s Top Tip:

I recommend tweezing after your shower, when the pores are opened and relaxed. I also love putting my MUA Tweezers in the freezer beforehand so the cold metal numbs the skin and reduces plucking pain! …

 Paint Box Multishade Lip Palette in Sugar & Spice


 These paletteswere certainly designed with the professional make-up artist in mind