Are you feeling rundown or still suffering from the January blues? Worry not, we have some make-up products that will pick you up in a flash…


January, post Christmas indulgence is always a time when we need to try and get our skin back into good condition.Cold air means chapped lips and cracked skin which is a huge no no! One very important thing to remember during the chilly months is to keep your body hydrated and drink lots of water to keep your lips fresh and your skin smooth! You also want to change your make up products to blend in with the fall and winter seasons.

Hide It!


A yellow base primer or concealer can add an instant glow to the skin & create a lightening effect, and help to erase the signs of fatigue. How can you not love that? MUA’s Yellow Pro-Base Prime & Conceal cream helps to soften and balance out pink tones, and it’s also great to use for neutralising pink-toned blemishes and fading out under-eye circles.

Big Brows Do Wonders


A larger brow look gives a polished finish, whereas a skinny brow has an ageing effect on the features. Start by brushing brows into place. Then take the MUA Pro-Brow brush, dip it into the pressed powder and use small, light strokes to gradually build a thicker-looking brow.

Subtle Eyes



Use an eyeliner in chestnut brown or golden cooper for a younger, brighter illusion. If you want to wear eyeshadow for night time, forget bold, trendy shades. For subtle eyes, choose an eyeshadow that is two shades darker than your skin tone, using a matte or satin textured shadow from the Hall of Fame Eye Shadow Palette. Blend it through the crease of your eye for added definition.


Highlighted Cheeks


Dusting MUA’S Mosaic English Rose Blusheron the apples of the cheeks will enhance the natural flush because of the frost in it. This will illuminate the cheeks.

Natural Lips


Lips should have a light flush that is similar in colour to your blush. Use MUA’S Caramel Nougat Lip Linerto add definition and fill in the lip with a coat or two. Top your lips with Power Pout Intense Tint & Lip balm in Rendezvous,  or Metallic Liquid Lipstick in Luster for an added highlight.


Below is a quick tutorial to get a dewy, fresh look, however remember this is always easier to achieve on tip top skin, so start the ball rolling from the inside out!