Contour Kit Face Chart Squared


Whilst supermodel sharp cheekbones are not something most of us are blessed with, now there is help at hand with the new MUA Luxe Bronze & Sculpt Contour Kit.  The pyramid textured top layer will give you that gorgeous highlight, a warm toned pearlescent highlighter, whilst the matte bronze bottom layer will give you serious definition.

Contour Kits Face Chart - Bronzer Squared

Step 1 – Contour

Apply your bronzer (bottom layer) anywhere that shadow would naturally fall – this is where you can create those killer cheekbones, just give yourself some shadow in the hollows of your cheeks to really accentuate them.

MUA Tip – Use the F8 Fan Brush to sweep along the hollows of your cheeks 

Contour Kit Face Chart - Highlighter Squared

Step 2 – Highlight

To create a contrast to your contour apply the highlighter (top layer) to the areas of your face that would naturally be illuminated.

MUA Tip – The F11 Highlighting Brush is the perfect size to place product exactly where you need it

Et voila! (But don’t forget to blend!)