Bronzed Budget Beauty

In case it had slipped your mind, it's January. Why else would your bank account look so bleak? Right now, it feels like buying anything won't be a reality until approximately July's payday, but here's some excellent news: you can! This month, we'll share with you some MUA budget beauty buys under £10 that are actually good to help ease the pain of January and keep you looking fresh, gorgeous, and ready to face 2017 with a bang!

Bronzed Perfection

Shape and define your face with Bronzed Perfection Shimmer. Add a golden highlight to your skin to give some much-needed brightness, without breaking the bank!


This £1 lipstick in shade Barely There looks stunning on most skin tones. A high pigmented nude lipstick with a slight gloss finish, Barely There will give you a natural flush or colour to compliment the Bronzed tones of your skin.

F12 Tapered Face Brush

Proof that make-up brushes don't have to require a loan. The F12 Tapered Face Brush has soft haired bristles that can be used on both pressed and loose powders. The tapered shape enables exact placement of powder, and is perfect to add bronzer for both a soft or contoured finish.

Bronzed Perfection - £4

Lipstick - £1

F12 Tapered Face Brush - £4 

Total = £9