This professional technique erases dark circles and redness for a more even complexion. This week we show you how to correct your skin concerns with our Award Winning Pro Base Prime & Conceal Palette.


If you are looking to colour correct one key thing to remember is ‘Don’t go too crazy’ and you want the skin to look as natural as possible.  It’s great to see the colour correcting phenomenon is big on social media at the moment, but just remember not to overdo it – this technique is used to neutralise the skin and should be undetectable when you have finished your complete look.


Colour correcting can be your best friend, but first you need to learn how to pick the right shades to address your skin problems.



Perfect for cancelling out red areas, like when you have a pimple, rosacea, broken blood vessels, spider veins and even for people who get red rings around the eyes.


This works wonders on olive or tan skin and can also cancel out those purple-blue under eye circles and dark patches.


Purple concealer is perfect for concealing anything yellow or cooling down makeup that’s too warm-toned. Sallowness and hyperpigmented spots like acne scars can be effectively evened out with the slightest cast of lavender over them before adding your regular concealer overtop.


If you have a darker complexion, you’ve probably noticed that your under-eye circles aren’t purple or blue; they have a green tint, and yellow concealer just isn’t working for you. That’s where pink or salmon concealer comes in, neutralising your dark circles instantly. You can even use a lipstick to colour correct under your eyes if you don’t own a colour correcting palette yet!


Use these fun colours to correct the skin tone, and then cover it with your flesh tone liquid foundation or sheer concealer. These are all meant to be worn under makeup. And always use sheer concealer when you’re layering over a corrector because you don’t want the end product to look too thick, especially around your eyes.


If you need more than one hue to complete your look, spring for our Pro Base Prime & Conceal Palette. You can use it to brighten under eyes, to correct redness on lids, or to blend shades together to perfectly hide discoloration. It’s also available in powder form, so it mixes with the warmth of your skin, leaving you with smooth, sheer natural coverage.


Have fun and colour your canvas to correction perfection!