Celebrities have used the art of contouring for a long time now (Kim Kardashian – Queen of the Contour springs to mind!) – but it’s not something that needs to be reserved for the professionals.  To understand exactly where you want to contour you just need to keep these simple rules in mind:

– Darken an area that you want to push back (bronzer will create the illusion of a shadow)

– Highlight the areas to bring forward

Contour your way to killer cheekbones with our easy to follow face shape guide:


Square Face Chart

If you have a square shaped face then apply your bronzer along your jawline and the edges of your forehead from your temples up towards your hair line, then highlight the centre of your chin and forehead.



Heart Face Chart


If you’ve got a heart shaped face apply your bronzer from the edges of your forehead and just under your cheekbones, create contrast by highlighting the centre of your chin and forehead.


Round Face Chart

To contour a round face apply your bronzer in the shape of a ‘3’ starting from your forehead, working your way just under your cheekbone and then along your jawline.


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MUA xx