Correct skin tone imbalances and conceal imperfections with this NEW complete cream kit. The 12 shades can be used singularly or combine together to create customisable and individual tones, allowing for a complete complexion perfection. The lightweight creams have been formulated to be easily blendable and buildable leaving a stunning, natural finish. Available in Skin Tones: Light, Cool, Warm & Dark.

Lavenders and greens and pinks, oh my! The NEW Correct & Conceal palettes may look a bit scary to use, but when applied properly they can cover up just about any skin issue for ever skin tone. Pimples? There’s a colour corrector for that. Dark circles? Yep, there’s one for that, too.

Here are the essentials you need to know about colour correcting: To cover up redness and pimples, choose a the green concealer; for sallow skin, choose concealer in a lavender or blue shade; for under-eye circles, use the peach or orange shades; for evening out your skin tone, try the yellow concealer. Just remember: Always apply your correctors either under or over foundation. they’re not meant to be worn alone. When you're done colour-correcting, blend the darker warmer shades underneath your cheekbones and on your temples for a chiselled look & use the light concealer shades to highlight prominent areas of your face.

Karla is Using the Light Palette

Try Correct & Conceal Palette for your everyday look:

After moisturiser, apply the lavender shade to the forehead, bridge of the nose and chin. Then, apply the peach cream (peach for light skin tones, orange for medium and dark) under the eyes and on dark spots, and the green on red areas. Put on your foundation and use the correct concealer shades for your skin tone as usual (and as needed) and then finish off with Pro-Base Prime & Conceal Powder Palette. Don't forget to use your make-up sponge slightly wet and ‘bounce’ it over skin to apply and blend makeup.