Pale Lips


Pale Lips are a statement. They say effortless! They say look at my eyes.


How do I pull off pale lipsticks?


Lighter lipsticks can make fair skin look a little lost, but by adding a slick line of black liquid liner to your eyes, you’ll add extra definition.


Coral, berry and hot pink lipsticks instantly boost your skin’s appearance, but light pink hues? Not so much. Apply a baby pink or rosy blush to help breath life into your cheeks, and pop a dusting of powder illuminator over the top to ensure your skin has a wonderful warmth and glow.


Finally the pigment of your natural lips shows through paler tones. Simply apply a thin layer of or primer on your lips, before filling in your pout with Velvet Lip Lacquer: Shade Tranquility


Dark Lips


A lot of people shy away from dark lipsticks and stay firmly in the pink and nude zone. Here at MUA our beauty philosophy most certainly is: ‘Don’t be afraid to try something new, If you don’t think you can wear a dark lip, you just haven’t found the right colour!’


If you’re afraid of looking too made up, simply lighten up your eyes. A gentle flick of Felt Liner in black and mascara with a dark lip is simple and chic.

Shade Velvet Lip Lacquer in Reckless


For dark lipstick inspiration this winter, look no further this week’s video tutorial will help you pick the perfect pale & dark lipstick shade.