It's easy to spend a fortune on beauty products without really thinking about it, you don't always have to splash out to look great this January. There are loads of really reliable products to pick from on the MUA Store that'll do the job on a tight budget. Try this wearable everyday eye look for under £10.00.

Pro-Base Eye Primer

To keep makeup on longer, prep the lids with Pro-Base eye primer for £2.50 before applying shadow. Disguise tired-looking eyes with this liquid light-reflecting primer that brightens and lifts the eye area.

Eye Define Mascara

Wing out your lashes with Eye Define Mascara. No flaking, crumbling and it lasts all day long! Get your own pair of buildable falsies for only £3.00. It's the best £3.00 you will spend.

Undressed Eyeshadow Palette

For a natural looking subtle eye makeup for everyday wear, it's important to not use any strong colours or harsh lines. Shades of soft browns and neutral pinks paired with brown liner and mascara give a very natural and polished look. Try Undressed Eyeshadow Palette £4.00, with the beautiful combination of nude shimmers & mattes.

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