With so many different brushes to choose from, it can be hard to decide which ones you need - below we will run through each of our Eye Brushes in the range and advise you on the different uses.


E1 Eyeshadow Brush


This firm, flat brush with a tapered rounded edge is perfect to pack on the pigment. ?Use this brush to apply your shadow to the moveable part of your lid.


E2 Eyeshadow Contour Brush


This angled tapered brush is a medium density, which makes it perfect for adding dimension to your socket line with a darker shade of shadow. ?Place the longest edge of your brush facing downwards in your socket line and sweep the brush back and forth for easy blending.


E3 Eyeshadow Blending Brush


This tapered, loose haired brush is great to apply transition shades, blend away harsh edges and highlight under the arch of your brow and inner corner of your eye.


E4 Eyeliner Brush


The short, densely packed hairs which lead to a point make our Eyeliner Brush great for precision application - it works well with liquid, gel and powder liner!


E6 Eyebrow Brush & Comb


Tame those strays before applying your brow pencil, powder or mascara with our Brow Brush & Comb - the short synthetic hairs will convince even the most stubborn of strays whilst the comb will help your lashes go clump free.


E7 Brow Brush


Our short, firm haired brow brush is perfect for precision and natural looking application - using short strokes to emulate hairs fill in any gaps for beautifully groomed brows.


E8 Small Eyeshadow Brush


When creating more elaborate eye looks it's handy to have a small, compact brush for precision - this also works really well when creating smokey liner as you can blur out the edge without spreading it too far!


E9 Socket Blending Brush


Your best friend when creating a cut-crease or darkening the outer corner of your eye - the size of the brush means you can apply pigment with precision and the tapered shape makes it easy to follow your socket line.


Which of our new brushes will you be picking up?

All of the brushes in this post can be found exclusively on our website.

MUA xx