Kohl Pencil:

To get a casual “I slept in my makeup last night” look, apply a kohl pencil only to the bottom lashes, and then smudge it with a small blending brush.

MUA’s wax formula Kohl Pencils are blendable enough to create everything from soft definition to a full on smoky eye.


Felt Tip Liner:

Use this liner to create the exact level of intensity you want. Pressing firmly creates a thick line, while pressing gently creates a thin one. If you want the line even thinner, dip a precision point cotton bud in eye make-up remover and sweep it just below the line to create a cleaner edge.


Brush Tip Eyeliner:

As this comes with a brush that dips into the jar of liquid eyeliner, the formula can vary widely and comes in two finishes; Matte and Gloss. The makeup in this Eyeliner, however, is the most fluid form of liquid eyeliner, and it is usually wetter than mascara, meaning they require more drying time.


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