If you’ll be jamming out at a festival this summer, you may be in need of this fresh and funky neon glitter eye makeup tutorial. The main thing with this tutorial is pure creative force, it’s a festival after all! Something eccentric is basically required for entrance! When it comes to festival makeup, it’s a great opportunity to be creative – try MUA’s Poptastic & Dusk til Dawn eyeshadow pallete’s.


Add Glitter:

To add some fun sparkle to your eye designs pick some glitter up at a local haberdashery or Hobby Craft store, and get creative with MUA false eyelash glue, sticking some sparkle where you want it.


Add Patterns:


Dots are simple but effective. You can use a new cotton bud for each colour, try adding water to your favorite MUA eyeliners and eye shadows. This little trick can turn any powder colour into a liquid (that means your favourite MUA shade of powder shadow can become your new favorite shade of liquid eyeliner!). Wet your eye shadow brush with water before applying powder to make the colour stay put for hours!

Using bindi as inspiration, or hiding bohemian influences, going bold on glitter or featuring bright, neon colours, this week’s tutorial is the stuff of festival dreams.