I was working through all my MUA eye shadow palettes and I realised I don?t rave about Glitterball palette enough! It?s just gorgeous- Simply no other words to describe it. As many of you know the MUA eye shadows are very highly-pigmented.

Each of the 12 shades are purely shimmer colours, ranging from green to purple, allowing you to create endless looks fit for day or night. If you're a fan of shimmering eye shadows, it's easy to overdo it when you wear those sparkly shades by day. Still, there are some ways to show off your glamorous side with a touch of shimmer. The key to making a shimmering eye shadow work by day is to stick with neutral colour palettes and steer clear of shadows infused with glitter altogether. Pearl shadows and some mineral shadows can help to create a toned-down version of your favourite night-time look with this palette.

Swatches of Glitter Ball

Glitter Ball is only ?4 and is available at selected Superdrug stores or online www.muastore.co.uk