Our latest obsession – strobing – is currently making our morning make-up routine super quick and easy to do. We can’t wait to share our highlighting tips to make you look like you have Barbie skin instantly; it requires no more than a single MUA product and takes only seconds to do.


If the word is unfamiliar to you, the concept is not. Those who practice strobing know it by another name: highlighting.


A completely mattified face tends to result in skin that looks flat and dull.  In order to breathe life back into your normal make-up routine, simply add touches of light using MUA’s Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder in your chosen colour to suit your skin tone to the “X” areas of the face (shown in the below diagram image or watch our video tutorial at the end of this blog). This is an important step for a multidimensional look. Simply carve out where the shine would naturally be if the moonlight was hitting your face. 


Whether you select a powder, cream or liquid, remember to apply these beauty picks with a light hand. Too much will give you a mirrored effect, particularly when photographed with flash. 


In this week’s highlighted make-up look we have used our NEW Highlighting Powder in shade Radiant Cashmere, available online at MUA and Superdrug sites exclusively.


The result is a fresh, dewy look that makes you feel as if you can light up the world with your new, lit-from-within-glow.


Do you feel strobing takes the place of contouring as the next big beauty cult?