Did you think eyeliner should only be used as eyeliner? This week’s blog post shows that the possibilities are endless with brow products and eyeliners. This week we are getting creative with Faux Freckles, Lipliner as lipstick & Reverse Eyeliner. Faux Freckles

Want to try out freckles for a day? Freckles instantly make the complexion look fresh and healthy, as if you have no foundation on! It’s a beauty trick many make-up artists use to transform skin instantly.

Think about where the sun would hit your face when applying faux freckles. Choose a brow pencil (or better yet, two) that is a shade darker than your natural skin tone. Lightly apply scattered speckles across your upper cheeks for a youthful and fun look. Simply tap the pencil around your face, almost bouncing it across your nose and cheeks, with a few specks on your eyelids and top of the lips. The trick is to not make the spots too perfect—if they are oddly shaped they will look more natural. For a bolder freckle look,use a small brush dipped into a Brow Gel. In the same way as with the brow pencil using a light hand, create small freckles across your nose and cheeks for a definite standout look. Reverse Eyeliner

Try this Cleopatra-style reverse eyeliner inspired by the Nicholas Kirkwood New York Fashion Show. So what is this trend? It’s a winged eye that flicks out from the bottom lash line instead of the top. Apply Duo Eyeliner Kohl pencil in black, on the lower lash line and softly flicked it out and gave it a smudged, lived-in finish. Finally sweep Precision felt Eyeliner along the lower lashline and take it slightly beyond the corners of each eye. Voilà, your Cleopatra-stlye eye, done! Using Eyeliner as Lipliner

When I create lip looks for photo-shoots , I always want something that’s my signature style and custom blended. I discovered mixing eyeliner and lipstick together could give me a custom unique blended lipstick that not only doesn’t exist in the market, but that no one makes! If you want your own signature lip color, blend it yourself and experiment with your eyeliners. The possibilities are endless! Apply Duo Eyeliner in Brown to the outline of the lips , blending the liner toward the centre of the lips. Finish your look off with a similar shade to the liner. I have used Limited Edition Paint Box Palette in Sugar & Spice. Karla X Learn how how to use Brow & Eye Liners in a creative way in this week’s tutorial.