When we heard about the new trend Chroming we were delighted and excited to try it. Who doesn’t like the sound of multi using one product to achieve a bronzed goddess look? Not only is it brilliant on the bank balance it is also great on cutting down time!

Chroming uses one unique product for example, a lipstick that has a shimmery base and a neutral shade to that matches your skin tone. It’s the most simple trend at the moment; one product taking only 10 seconds!


Image Credit: Pinterest

So how do you create the chroming look?

You need to find that one perfect, multi use product this can either be a nude lipstick or a bronzing stick. We recommend our LUXE Bronzing Stick and our Barely There Lipstick.

Once you have found your perfect piece apply it on the brow bone, eyelid, and cheekbone as a highlight directly from the bullet and blend with fingers or a synthetic blending brush. Also apply it in the traditional way to your lips to complete this beautiful chroming look.



Top tip – to make sure the product stays put on your eyelids use a primer – our LUXE Lighten and Brighten is just perfect for this.

Happy Chroming!