This Spring, switch up your make-up look with matte lips with an ombre twist, without breaking the bank in the process. This Spring, mini-lip makeovers are easier than ever. We know that it can be difficult to incorporate a new beauty trend into your look without feeling absurd but, we assure you, this one is as easy as they come.


Our Lip Lacquers are highly pigmented, so therefore a matte lip is best worn as the boldest part of your beauty look. It exudes just the right amount of strength, giving you the feeling that you can conquer all. Be careful wearing a matte lip though, it can look dry and accentuate chapped lips if you haven’t followed my top tips!


Lip Prep

Invest in a good lip scrub or get your hands in the kitchen and make your own with coconut oil and sugar. A matte lip product will go clumpy and show every imperfection on your lips if you don’t exfoliate and take good care of them before applying lip lacquers.


Picking A Shade

This Spring Reds, Pinks and Corals are perfect hues for any matte lipstick suiting most skin tones. In this week’s tutorial I have used shades Atomic & Aflush.




Using the right tools can ensure the perfect lined lips this Spring. A lipstick brush is your best tool when applying matte lipstick. This is not lipstick so you will not have the opportunity to rub your lips together for an even application. Here’s where your steady hands are needed to create the perfect bold lips!


How to Remove

The staying power on the lip lacquers is amazing so you will need an oil-based makeup remover.

Top Tip:

The biggest complaint about matte lipstick is the dryness factor. This is part of the pros and cons with matte lipstick. They do tend to be drying in order to give a matte finish. The best thing to do is to apply a lip moisturiser while you’re prepping your skin for the day. You may also need to hydrate your lips with a lip balm during the day and then reapply your lip colour.

Ready to try matte ombre lipstick this Spring? Check out my new easy tutorial!