How Not Look Oily

No one wants to create the moon effect when they highlight, so ensure you don’t overdo it with product application. To achieve a more “glow from within” look that doesn’t play up your natural oily skin, apply your highlighter after your foundation but before your blush. This will reduce the shine while still giving you an illuminated appearance. How Not To Look Like the Moon

Some people are making the mistake of putting too much shimmery powder on, and it looks frosty, instead of a subtle sheen. It should reflect light and look fresh, not dull. Undress Your Skin Powder Highlighters are extremely creamy, which blends seamlessly into the skin naturally. Applying Highlighter Wrong

Applying highlighter all over your face and not in the correct areas of your face will not only make you glow too much; it will also make you look oily. Shiny all over isn’t natural looking. Apply to the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, and right above the lips on the Cupid’s bow. Highlighting For Your Skin Type & Skin Tone

Highlighter is a product that can completely change your look. If applied correctly to suit your skin tone, it gives you that glowing look where people can’t place what’s different, just that you look like a glowing mermaid! When you’re choosing a highlighter you have to think about your skin tone & skin type; The goal when applying highlighter is to get a reflective dewy look that makes you look like you just moisturised your skin.

This is a very important step to make you look natural and radiant. If you’re medium- or dark-skinned, make sure you use highlighters that range from peachy golden shades to bronze tones so the highlighter blends in, as opposed to clashing with your skin tone. People with pale skin should go with more translucent, ivory-pink tones.

Watch this week’s video on Karla’s professional tips applying highlighter in action.