There’s nothing I like more than a favourites post by my top blogger and YouTube gurus. It gets me thinking about the MUA products I reach for the most, and those I couldn’t be without. So, this blog post is an extra special one for you all, because it features my top four makeup favourites from MUA’s latest releases 2016!


Trying to pick your favourite primer, foundation, concealer, setting powder, blush, bronzer or contour, eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow palette and highlighter can be very stressful.  But, I did it, and knocked it down to what I reach for the most, so here they are – My top 4 for the moment at least, as I am sure MUA will always bring out something for me to love even more!


Undress Your Skin Highlighter in Radiant Cashmere


This is the most amazing highlighter I have come across so far in 2016, and that’s saying something when I own over 10 highlighters! Sometimes, beauty bloggers tend to exaggerate when they find a product that exceeds every expectation. But, I am not exaggerating at all when I say everyone needs this. I recently swatched all the shades available in this range on MUA’s Instagram, and everyone went crazy. Besides the usual top of the cheekbones, I love placing on the centre of the lips and the cupids bow making my lips appear fuller (Demonstrated in the above picture of my make-up look) . It’s such an effortless, lit-from-within glow.

Lip Transformer


The most exciting thing about the Lip Transformer is that it can be used to adjust the colour of any lipstick instantly. With the Lip Transformer there is no need for me to bring different shades of lipsticks to each job, which is exactly what I need when working, and reducing my kit size. On bare lips, the black makes your chosen lipstick deeper and darker; likewise, the white lightens and brightens. And, since they work with your natural lip colour, the results are subtle and beautiful.

Limited Edition PaintBox Lip Palette in Sugar & Spice 

Designed with the professional make-up artist in mind. They save space in my make-up kit and are convenient to use on set. You don’t have to dig around in your lipstick bag or search through tons of lipsticks in your palette to find the colour you’re looking for… Each palette in the range are arranged by colour family, so you can just grab one if you need a red lip or another for a neutral brown look.


This limited edition Sugar & Spice Lip Palette comes with matte and gloss lipsticks that are simply timeless, classic, and shades to suit all skin tones. I love wearing Sugar & Spice and take it everywhere with me! I think it’s a fantastic way to spread your money out and get some variety.

Devotion Palette 


Just look at this beauty! It’s got all of my favourite go-to shades – warm and neutrals! This classic palette contains 10 neutral coloured eyeshadows in a matte, satin and shimmery finish. These shades help create warm to intense eye looks, perfect for creating a sultry smoky eye or a classic contoured eye.

Top Tip: All eyeshadows perform much better with the two cream highlighters included in the palette. They make the perfect base to give a flawless canvas for the eyeshadows.