A bold lip and a bold lashes & eyes? Oh yes, it can be done.

You may have heard in the past that you should only draw attention to one feature, but we all know that in makeup there are no rules, because it’s all about having fun and experimenting with textures, colours, trends and finishes.


Here are my top tips to go bold with ways to rock big lashes and bold lips and to still feel confident in your makeup:

Subtle Cheeks


Keep the cheeks subtle to add definition and sculpt the cheek without adding a hint of colour. Consider using a fan brush using Undress Your Skin Baked Bronzer. Fan brushes make it even easier to achieve soft results and help to blend and diffuse gradually.

Bold Eyes




Remember, bold doesn’t have to mean dark; it can just be stronger, more eye-catching; you can go with a really defined eye using Eye Define Volume & Line Mascara and pair it with a soft fuchsia on the lips–it doesn’t have to be black eye shadow and near-black lipstick–that’s just one way
out of many combinations you can try.

Karla’s Top Tip: For extra definition for your eyes, apply a set of falsies along with your mascara!



Smokey eyes teamed with a dark lip can be alluring and there are so many ways to do it with the NEW Ultimate UndressedMatte & Pearl Shades Palette.






Smokey eyes used to be all about dark eye shadow, but there are lots of different ways to go about it. It can be done with blues, pinks, purples, browns and so many other stunning colours that you’ve just got to see for yourself.

Vibrant Lips


You want to go all out? No problem! The key to rocking this look is owning it, which means you have to feel comfortable wearing it. Sometimes you can get away with applying lipstick straight out of the tube when using MUA’S Lip Lacquers, but when you’re wearing an all-over dramatic looks you will need MUA’s L1 lip brush which is key!


For complementary lips, I suggest a berry hue. You can customise your own lip shade like I have to get the perfect berry shade that suits your skin tone. A berry shade appears less harsh than red. For the most opaque colour, apply the lip lacquer lipstick in shade Reckless directly from the tube, then outline the lips for staying power in shade Kooky. Blending the shades together evenly.


Remember to have fun! Makeup washes off. If you don’t love your look, simply remove and start over.



This week’s tutorial shows you how to rock bold eyes and bright lips, made easy! Would you try it on your next night out? Tell us in the video comments!