What exactly is Ombre Lips? Well, it’s a very similar gradation of colour that evolves from lightest to darkest, beginning at the center of the mouth outlined by a darker shade of lipstick creating a 3D illusion.


The secret to doing ombre lips is to first try it out with your regular MUA Cosmetics lip colours. Play around with different hues that merge well together.

All you need for this interesting gradient lipstick is a Pro-Base Primer, Concealer & Lip Palette (3 colours).

Simply follow our step-by-step tutorial below to master ombre lips.

Step 1


Pick three shades from the Multi-Shade palette to create the illusion of a larger lip. Here Karla used Limited Edition Shade Sugar & Spice.

Step 2


To avoid feathering or bleeding, exfoliating and then conditioning your lips withPro-Base Primer, so that they are in optimal condition when bringing this much attention to your pout.

Step 3



An easy ombre lip can be achieved by first lining your lips with the darker shade (1) of lipstick, pulling the colour in slightly more toward the center of your lip and then blending. Leaving room in the absolute visible center of your lips, work L1 lip brush outwards with the middle  shade (2) this will add even more dimension and fullness.MUA’s Paint Box Multi-Shade Palette’s help you achieve an successful ombre lip as the palettes have all the contrasting tones from the same colour family.

Step 4


Apply your pale colour (3) to the middle of your lips that do not have the darker lipstick on them. Press your lips together once or twice but do not smear the colours together by rubbing your lips side to side or back and forth, then lightly use your finger to soften and blend the colours together to finalise the ombre effect.

Step 5


Finally use aconcealer and a detailed make-up brush to clean up any un even lines around the outer lip line.

Let’s Recap…


Karla’s TOP TIP to perfect Ombre Lips:

Mimick the way light hits a glossy lip!

This week’s video tutorial will help you achieve Ombre Lips in no time…