With just one product you can accentuate facial contours, set corrective highlights, erase imperfections and under eye circles. Pro Base Concealer Kits can work two ways; a blemish eraser and highlighter. A concealer that hides those dark circles, dark spots,redness and freckles on your face and makes a tired face instantly look brighter and younger is an indispensable item for creating a perfect complexion. And even better we have extended our range to offer shades for all skin tones!

How to choose Choosing the correct Pro Base Concealer Kit shade Choose a lighter tone. For use on dark spots or pimples, choose a neutral shade that’s close to your skin tone (slightly darker than your skin). We suggest applying concealer on top of foundation whether you’re using it as eraser or highlighter. Because concealer is matte, it’s great for adding a natural-looking highlight to your skin. Our brand new Professional Makeup Sponges are perfect for creating that smooth, Instagram ready finish

Try this steps when highlighting with Pro Base Concealers 1. Choose a concealer brush 2. Arch of your brow 3. At the centre of your forehead and running down the bridge of your nose 4. Collar bones to make you seem leaner

Want to find out more? Watch the video below :-)