Let’s just say this isn’t your average MUA lip-balm palette launch. The duo palette contains just two colours: black and white!
The most exciting thing about this new lip palette is that it can used to adjust the colour of any lipstick. On bare lips, the black makes the your chosen lipstick deeper and darker; likewise, the white lightens and brightens. And, since they work with your natural lip colour, the results are subtle and beautiful.
 Want to deepen a classic red? Throw a layer of the black over it. Want to make your pink more pastel? Put the white on before your lipstick, and it’ll create the perfect spring summer lips.
Without Using Transformer


Top Lip: PowerPout Acrylic in Shade Infinity | Bottom Lip: PowerPout Acrylic in Acrylic in Shade Potency

With Transformer


Top Lip: White Transformer Base & PowerPout Acrylic in Shade Infinity on top | Bottom Lip: Black Transformer Base & PowerPout Acrylic in Shade Potency on top

It’s magic. The looks are endless with Transformer!