Thinking of heading to the gym after work today or maybe in your lunch break?


This week’s blog & video tutorial is a quick beauty routine that will have you walking out of the gym looking fresh-faced with a natural glow — no one will tell that you were a hot, sweaty mess moments earlier!


Keep everything simple focusing on perfecting your skin, Once your skin looks great, you only really need concealer, mascara, and blush, so it’s definitely worth the time investing in detoxing your skin routine and drinking plenty of water this January.



When you plan to run, dance, or do anything in which you could break a sweat, start your face off with a Pro-Base Smooth Set & Prime. Face primers work just like paint primers: They help to smooth out the surface so your makeup lasts longer and looks even better. When you’re sweating, primer creates a barrier between your skin and your foundation, so it’s less likely to slide right off.


Everyone can use a little help under the eyes and even around the nose where redness occurs. Conceal confidently with Pro-Base Prime & Conceal Correcting Cream in Green without worrying about blemishes. This also doubles as a foundation, so you can really use it anywhere you need to cover inflammation, uneven colour or acne so you can leave the gym feeling your prettiest! 

Set your makeup. Pro-Base Mattify Fixing Mist keeps your oil-free makeup in place while you get fit and help you cool off after you exercise, as well as rehydrate dehydrated skin.



A little Waterproof Mascara just makes your eyes look brighter when they’re bulging out of your face while you’re trying to keep up with the rest of the Body Pump class during the painful squat reps. The waterproof mascara will withstand all the tears and sweat. Even if you don’t use waterproof mascara, an eyelash curler is a great way to open up your eyes and refresh your look after a long workout.



Enhance your lips. Stock your shower with a lip scrub to eliminate flakes and smooth texture, then moisturise, plump and add the most subtle shine to your lips with good old Vaseline