Personalise your foundation shade with the 'NEW Custom Colour Foundation Mixers', to adjust any existing shade lighter or darker for unique and bespoke customisation, resulting in a truly perfect match. Available in 4 shades: Lightening Warm, Lightening Cool, Deepening Medium & Deepening Dark.

Mixing your foundation to personalise your own shade is a heck of a lot easier than hunting for your ideal foundation shade! Whether it’s too light or dark, too yellow or pink a lot of us have a hard time finding a colour that’s ideal for our skin tone.

Consider your very own makeup lab experiment when using the NEW 'Custom Colour Foundation Mixers'.

When mixing the drops into your foundation, you're trying to achieve the perfect colour & shade. A little goes a long way when using your foundation mixers to alter your foundation shade. They don’t change the actual coverage of the foundation product you mix them with, especially if you love a certain foundation, finish, texture, coverage and it’s just the colour that’s letting you down.

A). To make the foundation cooler or warmer.

There are 3 colours you can generally be, warm, cool, or neutral. Sometimes a foundation may look a little to pink, tan or yellow. Because of this finding, the right shade can sometimes be tricky especially when it comes to lightness and darkness.

B). To make the foundation lighter or darker.

This may be especially necessary at times when you are spray tanning, or in the summer when you catch a natural tan. At those times you want to have a couple of foundations on hand to mix and match to get the right shade.

Mixer Shade Breakdown:

  • + Lightening Warm: White – lightens/ highlights.
  • + Lightening Cool – adds cool, pink tones.
  • + Deepening Medium – adds a cooler, deeper golden tone.
  • + Deepening Dark – darkens/ adds depth.

Karla tests out our new mixers with a foundation that is too warm for her, she added the Lightening Cool Custom Colour Foundation Mixer to make the perfect shade!

How to Mix?

Using this product can be quite fun as it involves you being hands on in the experimental process and figuring out how much of each you need to get the best matching foundation possible. The amount of mixer you will need to adjust the shade of your foundation depends on how thick & pigmented the base product already is.

For instance, if I were using a thick, full coverage foundation, using a 1:1 ratio of foundation to mixer will alter your foundation by only one shade. However, if I were altering the shade of a thin tinted moisturiser, a 1:1 ratio would have a much more drastic difference. We recommend mixing your base "ingredients" together on the back of your hand or on a palette, you will be able to tell how off you are -- if you need to add a little more depth or warmth for example. Or simply use our picture guide below. We used a pea size amount of mixer mixed into a 2p coin for the amount of base product.


You can use the lighter shade exclusively in the winter when you are paler and the darker shade as a contour shade!