We have some MUA tips for keeping your make-up in place as the temperature starts to rise outside this Summer. Achieving sweat proof makeup is down to the right products you use and the techniques you employ!



Top Tip 1: For a fresh and dewy complexion that truly lasts all day, always prep your skin with Pro Base Smooth Set & Prime before applying foundation. This will act as a barrier between humidity and your skin. Less is more, so you don’t need to coat your face in primer! When you overload on primer it piles under your foundation. A small layer is plenty. Gently rub into the skin for even coverage.


Top Tip 2: Pro-Base eye primer helps your shadow cling to your eyelid, which is a naturally oily part of your face, to allow for extended wear and minimal creasing. The Pro-Base eye primer also keeps colour looking vibrant and true to tone available in a tinted formula. Gently patted around the eyes and on the lids, this eye primer acts as a three-in-one. It prevents makeup from smudging or creasing, it softens crow’s-feet, and it counteracts redness.


Top Tip 3: Avoid overpowdering. Powder is often the culprit behind cakey faces. Instead of going for the fully-powdered face, only powder areas where you really need extra oil-control, such as the T-Zone area. I love MUA’s Pressed Powder as it will keep the make-up in place, smooth out the skin, and also absorb oil.



Bonus Top Tip:

When shopping on for your Summer makeup, choose products that are long wearing and look for keywords on the packaging like: water-proof, long wear, all day, matte, etc. Skip the sheer or luminous formulas as they will have more moisture and move on your skin.