Add a hint of gold to your make-up this festive season for the easiest way to achieve a party-ready look with our range of Luxe highlighters.

Glow Beam Highlighting Powder

The Glow Beam Illuminating powder can be used on the face and body and will leave a natural highlight whilst accentuating prominent areas of the face to help to shine through, whereas with contouring and highlighting you’re really trying to change the shape of the face and features. Illuminating powders aren’t meant for colour or coverage, but instead simply to finish the skin with a pretty “halo” effect. The finely milled particles will reflect light, but capture it in a flattering way, which makes the complexion look softer and smoother at the party and for your selfies.

Glow Beam Liquid Cushion Highlighter

Want to look radiant instantly, even with very little makeup? Easy. We use Glow Beam Liquid Cushion Highlighter. You don’t need a load of beauty tricks and tools to brighten up a dull face, all you need is a little liquid illuminator …and maybe some lip gloss!

Here are our easy steps...

  • To apply Glow Beam Liquid Cushion Highlighter, simply press the cushion to transfer a small amount of the liquid to your fingertip and smile, to find your cheek-line.
  • Now gently dab and roll the illuminator along the top of your cheekbones.
  • To freshen up your glow you can add a little extra on the top of the apples of your cheeks, just under your eyes. Swiping a very small amount down the bridge of your nose will also help to slim and define your face.
  • Finally, apply to the cupids bow so that it just leaves behind a faint sheen making the lips appear fuller ready for lipstick application and voila!

Radiant Illumination Highlighting Kit

The right highlighter is the fastest way to add instant radiance to your skin and to finish any makeup look. This kit is your secret to amazing radiance! Soft and radiant powder highlighters create a light luminosity. The 6 shades in matte and soft shimmer can be layered together or applied separately to add a gorgeous brightness and glow to your complexion.

Powder highlighters should add soft shine and subtle shimmer onto the areas of the face you wish to lift or illuminate. With a small detail brush, add a touch of luminosity to the brow bone, cheek bone, bow of the lip, and along the highest points of the collar bone.

Watch Karla's 30-second tutorial on how to highlight with our Glow Beam Highlighting Powder