A recent study has shown that the average woman spends 2 whole years of her life applying makeup! And this is the average woman… beauty addict’s, beauty bloggers and the selfie generation probably rack up a fair few more!


Saying that why would you ever want to spend that much of your life doing something you find monotonous and boring?!

We’ve spoken to many of you to find out how you apply your makeup and how you feel about it. It has come to light that most people have their routines when it comes to applying their face (especially in the morning) and they actually don’t find this the most interesting of tasks.


We also found out that people are either scared to try something new or they just don’t have the time. If your anything like us getting ready in the morning needs to be a smooth operation as sleep is golden!

However, change doesn’t need to be scary or time consuming. If we are spending the best part of 2 years of our precious lives applying makeup why don’t we make it interesting?!


The beauty industry is bursting with new and innovative products and ways to apply your makeup that will make sure that you enjoy applying your face everyday.

At MUA we feel it is vital to keep things fresh and interesting so this month we will be bringing you tips, trends and products that will make you even more beautiful and your mind happy!

So stay tuned and watch out for the first instalment this Thursday. #letsmakeitinteresting

Study credit – http://on.today.com/1Ip4lnh

Image Credits: Pinterest