If you are looking for the perfect powder for the finishing touch, look no further, because the New Professional range offers a Transparent Loose & Pressed Setting Powder.

Transparent Pressed Setting Powder

A Silky smooth pressed powder suitable for all skin tones. This powder is so fine that it gives skin a beautiful matte effect. Designed to set your makeup, blur minor imperfections and larger pores, and just get that soft focused, flawless finish to your face. Although bright white in appearance the powder applies transparently so any skin tone can take advantage. Your skin feels velvety soft during the day, and if you‘re prone to oily skin it also can be used to soak up midday shine. Since it's pressed, there's no cloud of dust that usually comes with loose powder and is perfect for your handbag. This transparent powder is ideal for every skin tone and leaves no white haze behind.

Ultra-Fine Loose Setting Powder

Considering the powder is pure white, the ultra-fine loose powder saves it from making your complexion look ghostly and can be used on all skin tones, as when applied it becomes transparent - so don't worry when you first see it if you have darker skin! The lightweight formula creates smooth, radiant skin, blends effortlessly and removes any excess shine for a professional, even finish.

What's the difference between Transparent Loose & Pressed Powder?

It really is a personal choice on how it works with your skin and foundation. Pressed powder is ultra fine that you can apply it over and over all day without it building up, plus it’s suitable for every skin complexion. Keep in mind that a pressed powder and loose powder are generally the same, the pressed powder just has a binder added to it to keep it together. Both are available in one universal colour that suits all shades. Wear over makeup or if you prefer not to use a foundation use on bare, moisturised skin for a matte finish. In addition, you can use a bronzer to add warmth to the face.

Pressed Powder

Use a pressed, translucent powder to set and mattify your base cream or liquid foundation. This step can extend the length of time your makeup will last without smudging or budging.

  • Pros: Easier to use and carry than loose powder—a compact of pressed powder is easy to apply on-the-go.
  • Cons: Pressed powder can appear cakey or add texture to skin if you keep re-applying throughout the day, especially in the fine lines around the eyes. Best to avoid using pressed powder in those areas. We prefer loose powder around the eyes.

Loose Powder

Loose powder needs to be applied using a brush, starting in the centre of the face and sweeping outwards in circular swoops.

  • Pros: Loose powder is best if you’’re looking for a seamless, natural appearance. Can be great for reducing shine in the oily skin but not necessarily for the skin on the dry side.
  • Cons: Some loose powder products can be messy. If you like to add makeup after you're dressed for the day, you'll have to be careful.