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Brush Cleaner Pad and Professional Brush Cleaner
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  1. Brush Cleaning Pad

    Brush Cleaning Pad

    A lightweight, multi-surfaced cleaning pad for makeup brushes. This can be used to remove build up of product and dirt. The pad design is easy to clean ensuring expert hygiene for professional results. Instructions for use: • Secure the suction cup on the base of the pad onto the sink (or flat surface) • Wet your brushes and apply mild shampoo/cleanser as desired • Swirl and sweep brush head over the cleansing half of the pad for a deep clean • Rinse the brush hair under water and sweep brush head back and forth on the rinsing half to remove all residue and soap • Repeat process again if necessary • Gently squeeze excess water out of brush hair and leave to dry Then you’ll be left with brushes that look brand new! Learn More
  2. The Make-up Artist Brush Kit

    The Make-up Artist Brush Kit

    No makeup can be applied without the right tools…this kit will insure that you will be able to apply makeup like a pro. Each brush is beautifully soft haired and is designed for multiple purposes. The Makeup Artist Brush Set Includes: Large Concealer Brush F16 Foundation Brush F1 Face & Body Brush F5 Eyeshadow Brush E1 Highlighting Brush F11 Angled Contour Buffer Brush F13 Lip Brush L1 Precision Eye Blending Brush E10 MUA Brush Cleanser MUA Brush Roll Price when all items bought separately £31.35 Promotional Price £24 Save over 20% Learn More
  3. Professional Brush Cleanser

    Professional Brush Cleanser

    Removes build-up of product and dirt on makeup brushes. To use, please spray onto a dry tissue or cloth and wipe your brush back and forward to remove excess product. Leave brush hair to dry before re-using. *Brushes should undergo a deep clean regularly. Learn More
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