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  1. Makeup Brush Cleaning Pad

    Makeup Brush Cleaning Pad

    A lightweight, multi-surfaced cleaning pad for makeup brushes. This can be used to remove build up of product and dirt. The pad design is easy to clean ensuring expert hygiene for professional results. Instructions for use: • Secure the suction cup on the base of the pad onto the sink (or flat surface) • Wet your brushes and apply mild shampoo/cleanser as desired • Swirl and sweep brush head over the cleansing half of the pad for a deep clean • Rinse the brush hair under water and sweep brush head back and forth on the rinsing half to remove all residue and soap • Repeat process again if necessary • Gently squeeze excess water out of brush hair and leave to dry Then you’ll be left with brushes that look brand new! Learn More
  2. Angled Eyeshadow Blending Brush - E11

    Angled Eyeshadow Blending Brush - E11

    This angled brush is best used for shading in and around the eye socket. The shape of the bristles lends themselves to follow the hollow of the eye for expert blending. For best results use with pressed and loose eyeshadow powder. Learn More
  3. 4-in-1 Makeup Brush

    4-in-1 Makeup Brush

    A compact 4 in 1 makeup brush ideal for travelling on-the-go! This all in one tool contains all that is needed for perfect eye makeup results: an angled eyebrow brush, blending sponge, eyeshadow brush and a rounded socket blending brush. You will never be without the right tools again! Learn More
  4. Small Angled Contour Buffer Brush - F18

    Small Angled Contour Buffer Brush - F18

    Add precise contour and definition with this densely packed, angled brush. Ideal for contouring in smaller areas of the face such as under the brow bone, top of the cheekbones and the nose. For best results use with liquid and powder formulations for a defined, sculpted finish. Learn More
  5. Angled Lip Brush - L2

    Angled Lip Brush - L2

    The flat, angled, contour shape of this brush is ideal for applying colour around the cupids bow. The shape allows for both lining and filling in a smooth and precise manner. Get the perfect pout in seconds! Learn More
  6. Makeup Brush Pot

    Makeup Brush Pot

    Keep your brushes neatly organised with our Hard Case Brush Pot. It can hold up to 10 mixed size brushes and is ideal for any makeup lover on-the-go. This pot is also the perfect addition to your dressing table; once open you can use both sections as brush pots – double the storage space! (Brushes not included) Learn More
  7. Professional Brush Cleanser

    Professional Brush Cleanser

    Removes build-up of product and dirt on makeup brushes. To use, please spray onto a dry tissue or cloth and wipe your brush back and forward to remove excess product. Leave brush hair to dry before re-using. *Brushes should undergo a deep clean regularly. Learn More
  8. Retractable Kabuki Brush - F17

    Retractable Kabuki Brush - F17

    An on the go Retractable Kabuki Brush, perfect for applying make-up over the entire face and body. The F17 has super-soft synthetic bristles that glide over skin to apply just the right amount of powder, bronzer or blusher to your cheeks, jaw line, chin, forehead, nose and body for a healthy natural glow. Dip the kabuki brush gently into face powder or bronzer. Tap the brush gently against the inside lid of the makeup container to remove any excess powder. Sweep the brush lightly across your forehead and chin. Then use downward strokes to apply makeup to your nose and cheeks. This prevents the makeup from getting caught in any fine facial hairs and appearing too heavy. Buff your skin in circular motions with your kabuki brush to provide even makeup disbursement and coverage. Use additional downward strokes after buffing to blend the makeup into your skin. Cruelty free, Synthetic brushes suitable for all skin types! Learn More
  9. Large Concealer Brush - F16

    Large Concealer Brush - F16

    This flat rounded brush is larger to offer maximum coverage in larger areas. Learn More
  10. Medium Concealer Brush - F15

    Medium Concealer Brush - F15

    The flat, rounded concealer brush in medium size is ideal for building coverage in specific and desired areas. Learn More
  11. Precision Stippling Brush - F14

    Precision Stippling Brush - F14

    This small stippling brush is designed to create lightweight layers in hard-to-reach and more delicate areas. Can be used with foundations, concealers and powders. Learn More
  12. Contour Brush - Angled Buffer - F13

    Contour Brush - Angled Buffer - F13

    This densely packed angled contour brush is ideal for adding contouring during make-up application. Can be used with liquid, powder & cream formulations for a defined, sculpted finish. SHOP NOW! Learn More
  13. Tapered Face Brush - F12

    Tapered Face Brush - F12

    A soft haired face brush that can be used on pressed and loose powders. The tapered shape enables exact placement and shade precision. Learn More
  14. Precision Eye Blending Brush - E10

    Precision Eye Blending Brush - E10

    This soft haired brush is ideal for blending and shading in and around the socket. Learn More
  15. Professional Compact Brush Roll

    Professional Compact Brush Roll

    MUA’s brush roll has been designed to easily store 6 of your favourite MUA brushes. The compact design when folded measures just 9cmx21cm – perfect for when you are on the move! This handy roll also comes complete with an inner pocket for any smaller accessories you may also wish to transport. Learn More
  16. Highlighting Brush - F11 Highlighting Brush - F11

    Highlighting Brush - F11

    A versatile, tapered brush that offers precision in highlighting different areas of the face. Dust over with loose pigments or pressed powders. Learn More
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