This week we want to share our easy step-by-step guide to the perfect matte lipstick application.

Lip Scrub


Matte Lipstick will not apply as smoothly and evenly, nor will it last as long on dry or chapped lips. Prepare your lips for application by exfoliating with Lip Scrub and gently removing dead skin with an old tooth brush.


A gentle exfoliation for the lips. Formulated with Vitamin E to add moisture, this handy lip scrubstick is prefect for achieving smooth and supple results instantly.


Removing the dead surface of lips brings out new fresh layers, making your lips soft, smooth, and yes, kissable!


We recommend exfoliating your lips and using Lip Scrub at least once a week, and more during winter achieving smooth, beautiful lips.



Plump, hydrated lips will help with a smoother lipstick application while also making your lipstick adhere longer. Pout Prime makes lipsticks, lip liner, and lip gloss much more effective and long lasting.


It’s always a good idea to put lip balm on your lips before you go to sleep. Overnight is the time when your lips can get the most dried out. We love using something thick & long lasting at night, because the longer it stays on while you sleep the more you’l benefit. PoutPrimemakes a gorgeous lip balm to wear in the daytime too.


Shade: Lip Velvet Lacquer in Vivacity

To avoid looking like you’re wearing too much makeup, pair your matte lip with a contrasting dewy base and glowing cheeks to keep things fresh.