Powder Brush - F4


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All-purpose for bronzer, blush and face powder. Full and dense for dusting pressed powder and bronzer on face or body with soft synthetic fibres that form a full, rounded shape that glides effortlessly over skin to achieve the perfect finish.

Dip the brush into the powder and swirl. Don't press hard or gunk up your brush with tons of powder. Tap the brush on the side of the container to shake off excess powder. Brush powder onto face using light pressure. Use a small circular motion for the best possible coverage. Start at the jaw line and work your way in to the nose area. Then move to the chin area and the forehead. Apply a small amount of powder to the neck area to create a natural, finished look. Don't forget this step or your face may end up looking like it's a different shade than your neck, especially if you use a darker shade of powder.

Cruelty free, Synthetic brushes suitable for all skin types!

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