Brow School | 5 Ways To Use MUA Brow Products

Good brows are always in style, and when you can get your eyebrow products from MUA from just £2.50, you can experiment with different brow looks and different products! Get more for your money by discovering 5 ways to use MUA brow products, here at MUA Brow School!

1. Get the Sleek Brow Look

MUA Brow School Sleek Brow Look Universal Brow Kit

Sleek brows will always be in style, and at MUA we have the perfect products to create this classic look. Start with our Universal Brow Kit. Wet the spoolie included in the kit with one of our Fixing Sprays and rub it into the soap to pick up product. Sweep it through the brows, following the direction that your brow hairs grow in. To finish, wipe your finger over your brow to flatten the hairs for a laminated look.

2. Faux Freckles

Fancy adding some cute freckles to your look? Take your Brow Define Micro Eyebrow Pencil and gently dot around your face, focusing on the cheeks, bridge of the nose and upper cheekbones, then tap over the faux freckles with your finger to soften them. This look works best if you really randomize the freckles you're applying, making sure that not all freckles are the exact same size and shape, and that they're spaced apart unevenly.

3. Go Natural & Fluffy

mua brow school natural fluffy brows clear lash and brow mascara

Use our Clear Lash and Brow Mascara to gently brush your brows up, following the natural shape of your brows and direction of growth. This will create a feathered fluffy and fuller looking brow in seconds! 

4. Ombre Brow

Create a natural looking ombre effect brow using multiple shades of our Brow Define Eyebrow Pencil with Blending Brush. Take 3 shades and use the darkest shade on the tail of the brow, the mid-shade in the middle/arch of the brow, and the lighter shade on the inner corner of the brow closest to your nose. Stroke the pencil through the brow hairs in the direction of growth, then use the blending brush to flawlessly blend each shade together. 

5. Naturally Thick Brows

Take the Brow Define Pencil and use short sharp brush strokes following the direction of your hair growth, then brush through with the spoolie. Follow with the Brow Define Tinted Brow Mascara with Fibres to lock in extra colour and volume. The fibres in this formula will cling to your own brow hairs, adding extra depth and volume! 

MUA brow school 5 ways to use mua eyebrow products affordable brow products how to do brows

Which brow look will you be opting for? Discover all MUA Brow Products here.

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