BROWDROBE: How to Achieve Your Desired Brow

What's your go-to brow style? What brow products are a must-have for your desired look? Not sure where to start? Never fret! We have the complete collection to help!

Find Your Brow Look

We have broken the humble brow down into 3 easy looks – and have just the items to help you create them.

The Minimalist Brow

The simple, fuss free & natural look. We got you. Line, define & fill with our fab Brow Define Eyebrow Pencil. Apply with short strokes following the natural shape of the brow to add definition and to enhance your natural brow colour.

Finish with our bestseller, the Lash & Brow Defining Clear Gel Mascara to set and shape for that paired back ‘no-makeup makeup’ look.


The Feathered Brow

Want a little more definition to your look? Start with short, sharp & precise filling of shade with our Brow Define Micro Brow Pencil. This is ideal as it lightly adds shade & lines precisely. Finish by defining & enhancing your brow hair shade with our Brow Define Tinted Brow Mascara. Brush through the brow hair & feather out.

The Defined Brow

Pack a punch with this high-def application. Begin with the building the shade following your natural shape. This is made even easier with the Brow Define Pencil with Blending Brush, perfectly angled for effortless blending and definition. Finish with our amazing long-wear, smudge proof, high-impact Brow Define Sculpting Gel.



So stock up your brow essentials - why not get them all to get that capsule BROWdrobe to suit each and every need?!

PRO HACK:  Spray the PRO / BASE Fixing Spray onto your spoolie / brush and work through the hair to lock shade in place and set the shape!

Did you know  Using concealer can help define and shape the brow.  Use a shade slightly lighter than your usual foundation to lift and enhance!

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