PRO / BASE Foundation Shade Finder

Welcome to MUA's Foundation Shade Finder. We at MUA Makeup Academy want to help you find your perfect PRO / BASE Foundation shade and believe the best way to do this is to find your skin's undertone, whether it be warm, cool or neutral.

How to Find Your Skin's Undertone

What is an undertone we hear you ask?! Your undertone is the natural ‘tint’ or hue of your skin. If you have a pink/red tint to your skin, your undertone is 'cool'. If you have a yellow tint to your skin, your undertone is 'warm'. If you have a neutral tint to your skin, you've got a mixed undertone.
Once you have worked out what this is it makes finding your MUA Foundation shade a lot easier! We have devised a simple quiz to help you:-

What Foundation Shade is Best for Me?

Now you know what undertone you are we can direct you to the foundation shades that are best suited to you! We have split our foundation shades into each category that best fits the tone – check them out below:
All set?! Head to the foundation page to select your shade!
PRO HACK: After priming skin apply the MUA PRO / BASE Foundation with a brush or a sponge. For a perfect base blend outwards from the center of your face. Build coverage as desired.
Did you know there is also a matching PRO / BASE Concealer? We have a few of these in different shades in our makeup bags to help cover & correct.
Did you find your perfect shade? Let us know over on instagram

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