Introducing: MUA Brow Define Styling Soap

Never underestimate the power of a good brow.

We're so excited to introduce you to the newest product to join the MUA family - our Brow Define Styling Soap

MUA Brow Define Styling Soap Brow Soap

This styling soap is housed in a recyclable tin, and comes with two bamboo spoolies for application. Perfect for grooming and setting brows into place, it can be used alone or over your other favourite MUA brow products.

How To Use the MUA Brow Define Styling Soap

Step 1: Apply your preferred brow pencil or powder first. We love the Brow Define Micro Brow Pencil for precision hair strokes.

Step 2: Next, take a facial mist or setting spray, and spritz the spoolie until it is damp. We like to use the PRO/BASE Mattifying Fixing Spray.

Step 3: Rub the damp spoolie against the soap to create a gel-like residue, and brush through the brows starting at the inner end closest to your nose in an upward motion. As you move further towards the arch and tail of the brow, change your brush direction slightly to more of an upward and outward motion.

Brows should feel set in place, with no sticky texture or residue. 

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