Introducing: Oh Peachy Makeup Melting Cleansing Balm

The new must-have MUA skincare holy grail…Oh Peachy. The newest product to join our MUA family and we can’t wait for you to try it!

Feel Peachy Clean with our makeup melting cleansing balm! Lightly scented with refreshing peach, Our balm to oil cleanser will melt away your makeup and is perfect for morning and night to cleanse and nourish leaving your skin feeling fresh and hydrated.




How to use Oh Peachy Cleansing Balm:

Take a small amount of our cleansing balm and gently rub between your finger tips which will help it to melt upon contact with your skin. Then gently apply to a dry face and watch it perfectly dissolve away your makeup. Once all makeup has visibly melted away, rinse your face with luke warm water and reveal your oh peachy refreshed glow!

In need of something to help wash off the balm?  Look no further than our microfibre cloths – an ideal partner in grime (see what  we did there ;) ) Find them here !


Our top 3 reasons why using a cleansing balm is the best way to remove makeup!

  1. They offer a deeper cleansing experience as they dissolve into an oil which means they are able to get deeper into the pores and also helps to preserve the skins natural barrier. Plus they are great to remove waterproof products!
  2. Cleansing balms don’t only break down makeup, they also dissolve many other impurities on the skin such as dirt, SPF, sweat etc. They are also a lot more gentle on the skin compared to other cleansers.
  3. Cleansing balms are suitable for all skin types, even oily! However, they work the best for dry, dehydrated skin types. If unsure how it will work for you, you can always patch test beforehand.

 We can’t wait to hear what you think of Oh Peachy!

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