A Fresh New Beauty Look: Your Spring Metamorphosis

Spring has arrived here at MUA Makeup Academy, and we’re so excited to share our newest launches with you! Our new collection is inspired by the new beginnings of Spring, when the days start to grow lighter and longer and the flowers start to bloom. We have brand new products and formulas, some new eyeshadow shades perfect for Spring and Summer, and a fan-favourite mascara now in a waterproof formula! Discover the Spring Metamorphosis collection below.

Metamorphosis Collection Colour Changing Lip & Cheek Oil

A lip & cheek tint powered by, and personalised for you!

The Metamorphosis Colour Changing Lip & Cheek Oil applies clear and adapts to your skin’s pH, morphing into your perfect, personalized tone of flushed pink on application. The oil-like formula contains Jojoba Oil & Vitamin E to nourish skin, and the cap is made from 30% recycled plastics.



How to use the MUA Metamorphosis Colour Changing Lip & Cheek Oil

Apply a small amount for a natural flush, or layer up the formula for extra colour and intensity.

For the cheeks: Dot onto the cheeks using the large wand, and quickly blend into skin using a sponge, brush or even your fingers. You will need to work quickly to blend this, as the colour adapts at different speeds on different skin. Once you’ve blended, allow 30 seconds for the colour to finish adapting before adding any more product – some people will only need a small amount for a natural flush of colour, whereas others may prefer to add a second layer for more intensity.

For the lips: Apply like a lip gloss using the soft wand applicator. Wait 30 seconds and watch the colour transform, for a tinted glossy lip. Once the glossy finish wears off over the day, you will be left with a beautiful pink tint.

Don’t forget – the final colour of the Metamorphosis Colour Changing Lip & Cheek Oil will be slightly different on everybody, depending on their skin’s pH, so it might appear a more coral tone on one person, and a more pink tone on another!

Metamorphosis Collection 10 Shade Recyclable Eyeshadow Palette

Create a fresh new beauty look with our Metamorphosis 10 Shade Recyclable Paper Eyeshadow Palette.

mua Metamorphosis collection eyeshadow palette

Containing a mix of matte, shimmer, foil and colour-shifting duochrome shades, the palette from our Metamorphosis Collection allows you to create a multitude of eye looks. With watercolour-inspired pastels, reminiscent of Spring Blooms for a subtle wash of colour and bolder foil finishes perfect for adding a touch of glamour, you can truly morph your eye look whichever way you desire.

Don't forget, this palette is recyclable! Once you're done with your palette, simply remove any stickers, pop out the pans, and recycle separately!

Loaded Lash XL Waterproof Mascara

Our fan-favourite Loaded Lash XL Volume Mascara, now in a waterproof formula!

The intense black formula and hourglass shaped brush allow you to add XL volume and impact, catching and coating each lash from root to tip for a voluminous, curled and lengthened look, now in a waterproof finish!

MUA Loaded Lash XL Waterproof Mascara Before and After Volume Mascara

How to Apply Loaded Lash XL Waterproof Mascara

Hold the hourglass brush to the lashline, and wiggle whilst applying some pressure to allow the bristles to hug your lashes. Then pull the brush through the lashes, twisting the wand outwards as you pull to make sure each lash is coated with the waterproof formula. Apply one layer for extended, natural looking lashes, or build and layer up for a more dramatic lash look.

We can’t wait to see the looks you create with our Metamorphosis Collection! Be sure to let us know over on Instagram!

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