Spotlight On: Sustainability - MUA Is Making Some Changes

Here at MUA, it has always been our mission to make sure our products are as ethical as possible. We have always been Cruelty Free and have been 100% Vegan since 2019, and that will never change.

Now, we’re focusing on sustainability. We have made changes across as many of our products as possible to ensure that where we do still need to use plastic, it is post-consumer recycled plastic, meaning that we are introducing less and less new plastic into the world!

What is Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) Plastic?

PCR stands for Post Consumer Recycled. Post Consumer Recycled Plastic is created using the recycled materials from things like plastic bottles and other recyclable plastics that we use each and every day. When a product uses PCR plastic, it means that it has used less 'virgin' plastic, meaning less new plastic has been introduced into the world. Reusing existing plastics also uses less energy and less fossil fuels. This means that using PCR plastic is much more environmentally friendly

How Will I Know if a Product Uses PCR Plastic?

If a product or packaging has been created using PCR plastic, there will usually be a symbol or a statement on the packaging to tell you, for example: 

*bottle made with 50% recycled plastic

You will start to see these statements and symbols pop up across MUA products throughout 2022. You will notice that some products will use a higher percentage of PCR plastic than others. This is something we are always aiming to improve on, and our goal is that by the end of 2022, 70% of our plastics will be PCR.


What About Our Formulas?

We have also made amazing improvements to some of our formulas, including payoff, performance and shade ranges. We will be sharing more detail on what we have been doing in the next couple of months, and these products will be launching throughout 2022, so stay tuned!

Our Prices

Where we have made some adjustments and improvements to products, our prices have also changed. We have kept any price increases to a minimum, and reviewed them on a case-by-case basis, rather than increasing the price of all of our products by a blanket percentage. This has meant that many products have stayed at their original price, and we have also been able to reduce some of our prices too!

MUA is proud to be an entry price point, affordable and accessible brand, and we always want to maintain that position.

These price changes will come into effect on 18th May 2022.

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