POWERED BY YOU - see the colour change of our Lip and Cheek Oils

Our Lip and Cheek oils are powered by your skins personal Ph! Containing Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E paired with it's oil like formula, it leaves your lips feeling super nourished and hydrated! 
The OG - This particular lip & cheek oil applies clear and turns the perfect tone of flushed pink upon application. 
The OG Extra - Again this lip & cheek oil applies clear and turns the same tone as The OG but with added shimmer! 
Plump It Up - With a plumping peppermint formula your lips will look fuller than ever! The technology works by stimulating nerves, causing blood to come to the surface providing a fuller look to the area applied. 
Oh Peachy - This is probably our most subtly coloured lip & cheek oil with a smell of peach that you won't be able to get enough of! Applying with a peach orange tint and turning a subtle coral pink upon application. 
Bubble-Hun - This black tinted bubble gum flavour lip & cheek oil looks super scary to apply but turns into the perfect deep purple/pink tone upon application.
One In a Melon - This lip & cheek oil applies with a green tint and morphs into the perfect watermelon pink shade with a delicious watermelon scent too!  
Blend them into your skin using a sponge, a brush or even your fingertips and a little goes a long way so you don't need much! Which Lip & Cheek oil would you go for?

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