Summer Spotlight On: Bronzed Cream Bronzers!

Our cream bronzers are a lightweight, creamy, buildable formula that adds a sun kissed warmth to your skin, perfect for summer! For only £4.95 we have a tone to suit everyone from neutral to cool to warm. Lets chat through them below! 
Butterscotch - The lightest, buttery yellow toned shade which will suit all of the lightest skin tones. 
Toffee - With this being the second shade, it is slightly warmer and would suit light to medium skin tones. Fairly neutral with an added tan tone, think toffee sweets! 
Caramel - This is one for the tan lovers! Suiting medium to tan skin and perfect for olive/tanned skin tones. 
Mocha - Our 4th bronzed shade is a neutral dark bronze that suits deeper skin tones. It has a gorgeous chocolate tone. 
Espresso - Our darkest shades name says it all! This gorgeous bronzed shade is perfect for deep-dark skin tones. It has a deep undertone with hints of red for warmth. 
Macchiato - This is a dreamy neutral shade that is perfect for contouring. It still has a warm glow whilst not being too orange toned. 
Cappuccino - Perfect for those with olive skin tones but still a super neutral undertone. If caramel is too warm for you, try this shade! 

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