Spotlight on: Brows!

Whether you're looking to create a heavy brow or a natural brow, we have the perfect product for you! From brow pencils to brow mascaras there is something for everyone. Learn about all our different brow products below!
The perfect pencil to create precision and shape with your brows. With the thin pencil you can create sharp hair like strokes, using the included spooly to smooth out if needed! 
Our brow mascara is formulated with fibres to ensure depth and definition Is given to the natural brow. A super quick and easy to use product, perfect for those no make-up make-up days!
Fill your brows with ease with our creamy and easy to use brow pencil. Complete with a sharpener and spooly, you can have the ultimate brow at any time, wherever you are!
 Wanting that fluffy, laminated brow look? We’ve got you covered! Our clear brow soap will set your brows all day keeping them shaped and enhanced. It even comes with 2 bamboo spooly's and its also housed in a recyclable tin.
Top Tip: Spray your spooly with a facial mist until damp before combing the product through your brows to make it even longer lasting!
Containing 4 powder shades and a defining wax, you have everything you need in one product to create your perfect brow. Using the powders alone can create a soft, natural brow look or using along side the wax can create a more defined look! This kit comes complete with a mirror, an angled brush and spooly and mini tweezers, everything you need for those on-the-go brows!
Allowing for easy application and precision this pencil is angled complete with a paddle brush to help distribute the product naturally across the brow.
This product can be worn alone to help hairs stay in place for your brows or as a base coat to avoid clumping and to ensure a long-lasting finish for your lashes! 
Make sure you tag us in any looks you create with our Brow products on socials, we love to see them! 

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