Spotlight on: Meet Our Primers!

Shop our affordable primers of the highest quality on site today…Ranging from £4.50 - £5.50 for a 30ml tube!
Suffer from dry/combination skin? Our Moisturising Primer would be perfect for you. With added Vitamins A + E along with tea tree oil your skin will be thanking you for this boost of moisture. Although lightweight, your skin will stay moisturised All. Day. Long!
This primer is formulated without silicon and is completely water based. For people with oily or sensitive skin this is the perfect base for you! You can always wear this alone too if you’re wanting a fresh and oil free, day time look.
Containing a light Banana scent, this primer blurs out any imperfections on your skin, from open pores to textured areas. With added Vitamin E to hydrate and soften, your makeup will go on top of this primer as flawless as ever!
Looking for a way to keep your oily skin at bay? Look no further than our Mattifying Primer! It contains smoothing spherical powder particles which helps to smooth out and mattify the skin and Vitamin E aiding its luxurious feel.
Containing Hyaluronic Acid this primer is a fan fave! Leaving the skin moisturised and hydrated, this primer applies lightly to the skin and creates the perfect base for a dewy makeup look!
Our Best-Selling multi use primer is a must in your makeup bag! Use it alone, under foundation or mixed with your foundation for a glowing lit from within look without feeling sticky or looking shiny. You can even apply it to shoulders, decolletage, arms and legs for an extra glow!
With Key Ingredients like Apricot Oil to improve skin tone and maintain softness & radiance and Papaya Fruit Extract to soothe irritation and brighten skin tone you will not regret your decisions!
Shop our two shades:
Spark – A light Champagne tone
Flare – A deep warm bronze tone
Which of our primers would you go for?
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