Affordable Looks Good On You - Affordable Makeup with MUA

MUA Makeup Academy has a heritage. We stormed onto the cosmetics scene in 2012 offering fabulous product at a price never seen before on the high-street. Do you remember our £1 lipstick?! We have always been known for providing high quality yet affordable makeup.

Of course, times evolve and things change. However, we are still one of the most affordable makeup brands on the high-street and yet we have never and will never compromise on quality nor style. In 2022 we also made the decision to ensure we started making the switch to a more responsible future too and you will now see many of our lines are made with 30% PCR material (more on this here) & FSC certified paper & wood. We do this as our small step in a more sustainable future.

MUA Affordable Makeup Affordable Foundation

Whether you watch the news or not, you can’t escape the talk and chatter about the cost of living crisis. MUA is committed to bringing our customers the best in vegan beauty at an amazing price. We have created product that people can be proud to showcase in their makeup bags – affordable makeup doesn't need to be boring.

MUA Affordable Makeup Affordable Brow Products

As a continued commitment to our brand values, we have made the decision to freeze the prices of our products as we head into 2023. AMAZING PRODUCT - SAME PRICE. We know January can be blue, but not with MUA.

Affordable looks good on you.

Happy Jan – MUA – ry!!!

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